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Day 6 – September 14

After my first training session this past Saturday, I thought it would be important for my to buy more training sessions to help me get a good start on this fitness challenge.  So today is Session 1 of 3 with Leanne.  We started with a 5 minute warm up on this monster that is a stairclimber and elliptical combined in one, a.k.a. INSANITY!

Next, I did some squats combined with a shoulder press.  After that we did three ab exercises: 1, both feet up and down at the same time; 2, controlled horizontal bicycle move; 3, ab scissors.  Then, back up to the cardio.  I completed interval training on the treadmill with a fast walking pace and incline.  Leanne also incorporated weights with a shoulder press.  After about 10 minutes we went back to abs where we created a 2 set circuit with the exercises listed above.  We finished off the abs section with a few stability ball exercises.  And then finished off the entire sessions with interval quick feet and jumping jacks.  The circuit  went like this: 10 seconds QF, 10 JJ, 20 seconds QF, 10 JJ, 30 seconds QF, 10 JJ.

What a crazy workout!!  Today was the first day my legs felt fine since Saturday night.  And what do you know?? Carpet installation is complete – now I get to move my furniture back in again! (Sarcastic exclamation points)

6 days down, 94 to go!