Day 10 – September 18

I didn’t get to the gym till about 7:30pm.  But its all good.  I’m glad it was my last day on my own for a few days.  I’m definitely needing some motivation right about now.   Tonight I did a total of 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes of toning/abs.  I did a mixture of pulley exercises and band exercises as well as some floor work with abs.  I pushed myself definitely, and came up with a new band move (well new for me anyway).

I stood with both feet on the band, shoulder width apart.  Then I grabbed both ends of the band with the opposite hand so it criss-crossed.  Then as I lifted my left leg, I pulled back my right hand.  This squeezed my right deltoid as well as increased the resistance on my leg.  Then I switched and did the other side.  I did 10 reps total – 5 each side.  This was the last exercise for the bands.  So I was pretty much done way before I attempted this.  But I think next time I do a band workout I will do this one first so I can get in a few complete sets.


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