Day 12 – September 20


Zumba!!  Today was my first time trying the class.  Those Zumbans definitely do not waste time getting down to business.  It is high speed all the way.  It was lots of fun, with lots of moves I’ve never done before.  We’ll see if it has any effect on my muscles later tonight or tomorrow morning.  The class wasn’t as smooth as I assume it goes because the microphone was not working properly, so we were just trying to copy and follow what the instructor was doing.  It was great though.  Tonight is Hot Hula!  I’m excited for it!!


Day 11 – September 19


This time I definitely put more work into it.  Most likely because all my muscles have recovered and so I was able to move more freely.  We did the same routine.  It was nice because I didn’t need to concentrate on the choreography so much and I could focus on keeping my abs tight, which is something I’m working on, as well as controlling my breathing!  All in all a great 60 minute workout session!

Day 10 – September 18

I didn’t get to the gym till about 7:30pm.  But its all good.  I’m glad it was my last day on my own for a few days.  I’m definitely needing some motivation right about now.   Tonight I did a total of 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes of toning/abs.  I did a mixture of pulley exercises and band exercises as well as some floor work with abs.  I pushed myself definitely, and came up with a new band move (well new for me anyway).

I stood with both feet on the band, shoulder width apart.  Then I grabbed both ends of the band with the opposite hand so it criss-crossed.  Then as I lifted my left leg, I pulled back my right hand.  This squeezed my right deltoid as well as increased the resistance on my leg.  Then I switched and did the other side.  I did 10 reps total – 5 each side.  This was the last exercise for the bands.  So I was pretty much done way before I attempted this.  But I think next time I do a band workout I will do this one first so I can get in a few complete sets.

Day 9 – September 17

Today was definitely a lazy day.  I didn’t get to the gym till 10ish in the evening.  Main thing – I got there right??  So I came prepared!  I definitely  had my game face on.  I warmed up on the treadmill for 10 minutes at different speeds and inclines.  Then I stretched out my muscles and did some pilates band/rubber band/latex band (whatever you wanna call it) training.

I LOVE THIS BAND.  I have quite a few from the Stephenie Huckabee DVD’s I purchased from QVC.  By the way, she is amazing!!  With the band I completed the following: chest press; shoulder press; tricep dips,bicep curls, squats, leg abductions and abs.

After the toning workout I finished off the workout with 20 minutes on the elliptical.

Total workout was about 60 minutes!

Day 8 – September 16

Woah.  Today is the first day on my own without a trainer or a class since last Friday.  A little nervous!  I’m focused.  I know the key to shedding the fat is to have a total body workout opposed to isolating different parts of the body.  I’m still a little intimidated by the guys though.  Ugh – and I forgot my headphones.  Anyhow here is the breakdown of what I accomplished at the gym today!

5 min warm up – Elliptical
Back strength training
15 min interval training on the Elliptical
5 min cool down
Abs training

Day 7 – September 15

After work today, I moved all of my mom’s furniture back in her room – then off to Hot Hula!  Today was easier for me than Monday was.  I was able to complete some of the drills without modifying the moves or taking a marching break.  I think I’ll be able to supplement this class with more toning exercises in the near future!

Day 6 – September 14

After my first training session this past Saturday, I thought it would be important for my to buy more training sessions to help me get a good start on this fitness challenge.  So today is Session 1 of 3 with Leanne.  We started with a 5 minute warm up on this monster that is a stairclimber and elliptical combined in one, a.k.a. INSANITY!

Next, I did some squats combined with a shoulder press.  After that we did three ab exercises: 1, both feet up and down at the same time; 2, controlled horizontal bicycle move; 3, ab scissors.  Then, back up to the cardio.  I completed interval training on the treadmill with a fast walking pace and incline.  Leanne also incorporated weights with a shoulder press.  After about 10 minutes we went back to abs where we created a 2 set circuit with the exercises listed above.  We finished off the abs section with a few stability ball exercises.  And then finished off the entire sessions with interval quick feet and jumping jacks.  The circuit  went like this: 10 seconds QF, 10 JJ, 20 seconds QF, 10 JJ, 30 seconds QF, 10 JJ.

What a crazy workout!!  Today was the first day my legs felt fine since Saturday night.  And what do you know?? Carpet installation is complete – now I get to move my furniture back in again! (Sarcastic exclamation points)

6 days down, 94 to go!

Day 5 – September 13

I thought today would be a rest day, but when I found out that there was a Hot Hula class at 8pm, I knew I just had to try it.

Oh my poor legs.  This is an intense cardio and leg work out.  It is a beast, prissy and elegant by no means.  Well – somewhat elegant.  This class is a hot and sweaty, heart pumping, leg burning workout that is SO MUCH FUN!  First time in my life I don’t mind “drills.”  This class is a definite keeper, and I will probably be coming back to this class again and again.

Day 4 – September 12

Today I attended my first Group X class ever.  Hustle is a hip-hop cardio class instructed by a woman named Keiki.  It’s a ton of fun!  If you try this class you’ll definitely forget you are working out.  I really enjoyed the class although I was 10 minutes late.  I think I would supplement this class with some toning exercises.

After my workout I moved out my mom’s bedroom furniture since she didn’t get to it yesterday.

Lastly – my legs are incredibly sore, but I’m pushing through!

Day 3 – September 11

So – 6am wake up calls are no fun, but I bet a 9am wake up call from two airplanes crashing is no fun either.  Lord bless those that had fallen 9 years ago.

TRAINING DAY.  Off to the gym I go.  Leanne greeted me as I walked in the door at 7am.  I warmed up with 2 sets of lunges up and down the basketball court.  Next we did 3 sets of mountain climbers – kettlebell squats – ab scissors circuit.  Each set became harder and harder – especially the ab scissors.  I despise those!  After that we did some tricep exercises and finished with leg/core work.

After my training session I endured a long day of moving my room out in lieu of new carpet installation on Tuesday.  By about 8pm my legs really started to hurt.  Oh the joys of getting back into shape.

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